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Why We Started

Welcome to Beauty Compendia! We are so excited that you have decided to join our community and ready our posts. Our goal is to grow together and guide our lifestyle to a more sustainable one, while incorporating our passion for skincare. We hope we can share our experiences and knowledge with you; to help you as well as the planet! 


This blog was created because we were lost in what having a sustainable lifestyle meant and we wanted to find out. Living a sustainable life isn’t as straightforward as living a healthy one. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a momentous problem for us. It is easy to remember to eat your greens, exercise and try to do activities that destress our bodies- even if we stress about not having time to destress. Yet the word sustainability englobes many different things from what you consume, the quantity, what you throw away, if you recycle or not, to many other aspects. Sustainability is in every action you take and it seems overwhelming at times. We wanted to get informed (and still are) so that we can make our contribution. 


It seemed easy at first, just consume less red meat and water, take our own bags to the supermarket and buy beauty products with a green label. Then we read that many beauty products can have clean products but they might not be sustainable or cruelty free. It seems that every “positive” action that we take towards living a sustainable life has a thousand negative consequences. 


We embarked on this journey to find the hidden answer on how to live a sustainable life and what beauty products are best for our skin and the planet. Every piece of information that we have obtained has lead us to new discoveries, and has bettered our lives as well as the planet. We want to share this information with you, that took a moment out of your busy day to read our blog. Together we will try to change our daily habits to better ones. It will take constant effort to obtain our goal, but more than effort we need patience, patience to know that we are not perfect. The objective is not to shame the aspects in our lives that are not one hundred percent sustainable. Let’s celebrate what we are doing right and motivate each other to keep going. 

A tip that we can give you right now from what we have learned since we started is; the best way to live a sustainable life is to use what you already have and buy less of everything; buy smart.


         Thank you for your interest in us! Most of all thank you for your support.

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