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Introduction to Sustainability 101

The word sustainability has become embedded in our daily language. Everywhere you go the word gets thrown at you as if were on sale. Every brand is getting on board and every person is adapting their lifestyle to a more “sustainable” one. But what does the word sustainability really mean in the beauty industry, and how are your shopping habits linked to this?

We will be giving sustainability tips every two weeks, to help tackle the question of what is sustainability and what can we do to adapt our lifestyle around this word.

Is sustainability a new trend?

The idea of having a sustainable practice is not new. We have always lived using just what we need, it wasn’t until the doors opened up to globalization that we started to consume more than what is necessary. Then on top of that the explosion of social media paved the way to hyper consumerism. Everywhere you turn there are brand advertising their products whether they are paid partnerships or organic. We were having too much fun buying products from all around the world that we didn’t stop to think where they came from, how they were made and the impact they have on our environment. We are now starting to realize that we were heading down a rabbit hole.

We are able to see that our way of consumption is threatening the world.

Everyone's actions count, but big industries like the beauty, fashion, agriculture and petroleum have a bigger impact than most. Their way of making their products are having an enormous negative impact on the environment. Now because of public demand these industries are focusing on making sustainable products. In many industries the word sustainability simply means that their products were made in an ecological manner. The ingredients that are used can keep sustaining the ecosystem from where they were taken from.

Your buying habits influence the products that are made and how they are made. If your buy products that contain for example, palm oil that does not have a certification of sustainability, you are basically promoting the demolition of palm trees in places like Indonesia and the endangerment of animals like the orangutans. You have the tools to be informed and the responsibility to try to not promote unsustainable products.

When you buy sustainable products you are ensuring that the ingredients in your products are cleaner and safer. Sustainable products benefit not only the environment but also you. Step by step we can make little beneficial changes to what products we buy. Get to know your products, and let us help and guide you into a more eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. Trust us that we have your best interest as well as the planets.

Keep up with our future post where we will be tackling tip by tip. Slowly let’s change our habits to ones that are actually beneficial to our surroundings.


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