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Indie Lee

Last week we wrote a product review about Indie Lee’s purifying face wash. Their products are superb, and their company has done an excellent job at following their brand values. We decided that it is only natural that we write a brand review about Indie Lee.

Indie Lee is a woman as well as a brand. She started her brand after being diagnosed with a brain tumor back in 2008. The doctors informed her that one of the factors that caused her sickness, was due to the environment and what went into contact with her skin. She survived the operation. This event triggered her entrepreneurial mind and committed her to create Indie Lee. She decided to educate people on the importance of watching what you place on your skin, and to create grade A products.

The skincare products are all made from natural, clean ingredients- see their ingredient list in this link. They are not tested on animals, which makes them cruelty free. They are over all eco-friendly. The laboratories are in the USA and France.

All the farmers, scientists and every community involved in the process believe in the same values as the brand.

Not only are the products eco-friendly but the packaging was also thought out, so it aligns with the brand. Most of the products come in glass containers, which are easier to recycle.

If you take into consideration all that is taken into account to make an Indie Lee product. The price range of $30 - $70 dollars seems reasonable.

Indie Lee is one of the pioneers of clean products. They even started the trend of using squalane oil- which is found in olives, sugarcane, wheat germ and rice bran. It is used as a moisturizer, reduces redness and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Indie Lee has a clear mission and they have done an excellent job of going above and beyond their promise. They have great products that will help your skin without any negative side effects. They protect the skin, the largest organ in the body, as well as the planet. We highly recommend this brand. Have you tried any of the products? Are you inclined to buy from them? Leave your comments below!


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