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Introducing New Blog Section!

Welcome back to our blog! We are so happy that you are reading our content. We have decided to start a new section on our blog to help make your traveling easier… you’ve guessed it, travel tips from the places that we go to.

This week I went to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, México. The sole purpose of the trip was to eat in delicious restaurants and surf. Puerto Escondido exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the Airbnb that we stayed in, to the restaurants and even the surf spots. Here are my experiences and tips.

Airbnb: We stayed in an apartment called “Palmeras” in Punta Arena Surf Suite. The apartment was located at most a block away from the beach. It had a small kitchen- which we didn’t use because we ate out. Two bedrooms, a small living room with a small tv that even had Netflix. The Airbnb also has hot water and mini-splits that keep the rooms chilled. The apartment is located on top of a restaurant where you can also rent surfboards. Ideal for picking them up in the morning and leaving them in the afternoon after the last surf sesh. The owners of the restaurant are very friendly and take good care of the surfboards they rent.

Restaurants: Every restaurant that we went to we ordered the whole menu twice to share in the center. This is not an exaggeration, the food was excellent- it also helped that two of the men that we went with each eat three times what I eat. I highly recommend:

Piyoli: Like many restaurants in Puerto Escondido, the floor is covered with sand and you can eat in your swimsuit. It’s located in the only cemented road. Piyoli has as a slogan fresh and healthy. Most dishes are vegetarian/vegan, but they do have the option of adding chicken to some dishes. I am not a juice person, but the ones from their menu are superb- I would order two every time I ate there. Honestly, you can close your eyes and order anything from the menu.

Nomada: We brunched once here and the food is up to par with other restaurants like Piyoli. The food is very good and very cheap- you can have a good breakfast with kombucha and dessert for about 5 dollars. Speaking about kombucha, they have a variety of flavors and all are on my list of best kombucha I’ve tried. The restaurant’s theme is “slow food” so don’t come hangy. If you are an impatient person, there is a store called Ola Shop right inside the restaurant where they sell swimsuits, surfboards, and other beach amenities.

Lychee: This restaurant is purely Thai food. We ordered everything on the menu, but one of the specials was sailfish and it was one of the best dishes- ask if they have it. Lychee is like Piyoli in the sense that the floor is covered in sand. Some nights they have live music and the drinks are fantastic. Overall it was a good experience, just some of the waitresses are a bit impatient and do not really pay close attention to your table, so be patient.

Chicama: I have to say Chicama was my favorite restaurant. They are a Peruvian themed restaurant, named after the longest wave in Peru. The staff is extremely friendly and they have a lot of knowledge of good surf spots. Once I had lunch there and the other time dinner. During dinner, they have live music. The food is amazing, order the ceviche with leche de tigre and the sashimi with garlic and habanero. Honestly, you can’t order incorrectly at that restaurant.

Surf Spots: Puerto Escondido has many excellent surf spots. If you are a beginner I recommend surfing by Las Brisas. Go to the surf break, there is a giant rock that makes the waves break. Stay near the shore and be careful of other surfers. If you are more advanced, in that same place you can surf, just go in deeper towards the rock. For advanced surfers, you can go to Tierra Blanca or Zicatela- we even got to see a professional surfer in the waves there.

Puerto Escondido is full of young people from every part of the world, the food and waves are great. Highly recommend going there. Just be safe and always wear sunblock!

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