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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

A skin-care brand that just launched in November 2019 and caught our eye is Kinship. This brand was created by Alison Haljun, who was the vice president of marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, and Christin Powell who co-founded Juice Beauty. The brand was founded with 4 main ideas in mind.

1. They are kind to people

2. They vouch for a planet with clean, cruelty-free products

3. Promote Kinbiome

4. Conscious


Haljun and Powell started the brand because they wanted safe and clean products for their children. They took on the mission of making products that would make them feel at ease when their children used them. Their products are made for all types of people regardless of their age, skin and gender.

Kinship has in mind to produce products that don’t harm the planet, products that are clean and cruelty-free. Kinship follows the EU ingredient standards as well as Credo’s guidelines.

They exclude any product that is not safe and clean. They fight to make the best products available without compromising your skin or the planet.

This new brand has worked tirelessly with scientists to make the Kinbiome complex that is in every product that they produce. The Kinbiome helps balance your skin microbiome, which is basically composed or more than one trillion bacteria that are essential for the protection of your skin barrier. The Kinbiome is plant-based, pre-probiotic that is a product of the process of fermenting lactobacillus -a probiotic.

As if all this weren’t enough the packaging of each product only comes with what is essential, the package if fully recyclable and are made of recycled materials; some are even made from ocean waste plastic. You can even scan the QR code in each product and it will tell you were the plastic used to make the package came from!

Up to now they have eliminated 1.5 tons of plastic from the ocean.

Kinship products are made by scientists and industry experts from quality ingredients at an affordable price. Kinship will not only make your skin feel and look amazing but they also help the planet in the process!


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